The hardware of a Transputer system 

	The things you need are:
	An old PC, yes one with the old ISA bus.
	Just look in the garage, may be you will find one.
	The reason is that the software needs this.
	Please remember that it all comes from the period there was not much more than DOS.
	In the ISA slot there should be the interface to the Transputers.
	Not so probable you will find it there too so you will have to build one by yourself.
	And then a card with at least one Transputer and memory on it.
	And computers need software. No problem, it is there.

	Now first the overview of such a system.

	The PC here is an used control system; but it is a complete PC. No more but not less.
	In the slot is a card of Computer Systems Architects.
	That company dus not exist any more. In fact you could now start using Transputer software.
	But it is more flexible to use only the interface to the ISA bus and use one or more Transputer cards.


		More info on hardware is here:

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		 Inside the transputer  

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		Transputer Architecture 

	but there is so much more on the web.
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