How it all started and where we are now.

	Being an electronic engineer, I built a measuring and controlling system with the 6802 processor for my employer.
	That was in the very early days of the microprocessor. I had a lot of trouble and learned a lot of.
	But it worked to my and the people who had to use it, surprise.
	Things changed and I had nothing to do any more with controllers in my job.
	But in my free time I went on working with processors of the Motorola series.
	I owned a Unix system with the 6809 and played with 68000 processors in VME systems.
	In that time I was -and I am still- a member of the Hobby Computer Club.
	This is -as the name says- a non professional group of people, working on all kinds of computer related activities.
	One person was working with Transputers and that took my attention.
	When he stopped calculating with big numbers on the Transputers he gave me a Computer Systems Architects card
	with an interface for the ISA bus and a complete Transputer system on it.
	The ISA computer was not stable so I struggled a lot with it.

	An other person of that hobby groep saw that; he gave me a complete control computer with
	ISA bus, running Win98. 
	Then I had a stable system and that person looked to what I was doing.
	He saw how simple it is to build a big Transputer system and after some time the man of
	the Transputers offered me all his Transputer material.
	So then I was the proud owner of 24 systems and more.
	The man of the control computer was now so enthusiastic that he liked to work with the
	Transputers too.
	So I gave him two cards with two processors each on it and a backplane.
	He made the ISA interface -all documentation was present- and he was ready to go.
	The nice thing is that now there is someone to discuss problems and possibilities.
	He lives only half an hour driving from my home so there is not only contact via email.
	But now, the first man of the Transputer story had a big rack with Transputers in his house.
	And he offered that to the man of the control computer.
	Fortunately not to me because I suppose that I should not be able to say ""NO"".
	But what to do with such an enormous thing?
	For me it its better to focus on the two ideas I have in mind.
	Now, important things first so learn the programming language  OCCAM.
	That is what I am busy with.

	The Big Boy in full height.

	(The glass door will be mounted again).

	Have a look on the page of the other Transputer man.
	You will recognize things as shown on my page, type this in the browser:	

	When there is any news in the field of the Transputers, it will be published here.	
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