Here is the latest news so that you have not to look for what has happened in all pages. Three important thighs have happened. One: The ISA computer is perfect. Two: The OCCAM compiler is running. Three: The development system has been installed. The ISA computer that was donated to me is full functioning. The operating system is MS-windows98 and that is the right thing because OCCAM is running in MS-dos. The best of two worlds are here: editing in a real OS and running in a simple system. The ISA box is an industrial controller. Not new but it looks like almost new. The type is PCA-6772 and all documentation is on the web. The only thing is that the case had to be modified somewhat because the transputercard was too big. Now it all fits very well. The transputercard is a Computer Systems Architects with an IMS-T400 on it. And one Meg memory. That is not enough for a good running compiler. The famous "Hello World" is no problem but for a smooth running compiler you need two Megabytes. What I have here are "a number" computercards. They are of Caplin Cybernetics. Most of them have four Megabytes memory; some of them have two. But all have an IMS-T800 on it. And how much is "all"? In total 36 but I only tested one and that one was ok. One board with two times two Megabytes I used for the construction of the development system. The CSA card was somewhat modified so that the signals from the ISA card interface could be used for the Caplin cards. This all means that I have a working development system and all possibilities for constructing a true big transputer network. However, a lot have to be done. Most important is learning OCCAM. Interested in that language? Google for Introduction to the Programming Language Occam by Dr Daniel C. Hyde. Task of the moment: Learn OCCAM. You want detailed pictures of my transputers? More pictures Back to Mainpage