Mechanics of CONAPP. CONAPP means Controller Application. There was need for a task the Transputers had to do. The most complicated machine to be build by a hobbyist is something like a "Robot". Whatever that may be; in this case a kind of vehicle running on the floor and only controlled by itself. The design considerations were: build a vehicle that is very good in manoeuvrability and very, very sturdy. So the frame is of 3 mm aluminium strengthened with profiles to mount the batteries and more on it. The front wheels are independent steerable and the rear-wheels are mounted on a platform that is turnable against the frame. Each rear-wheel has his own motor so that is a way to steer too because when the rotational speed of both wheels are not the same, the construction they are mounted on is turning and so the entire vehicle does. The hood of an analytical balance is used and some motors plus gearboxes that were very good for the purposes from other instruments. Plus that there was some mechanical material that was useful. And important too, it was possible to use some machines in an instruments workshop so the vehicle got the appearance shown below.

But why have all wheels the task to steer? Well, the idea is that CONAPP will be able to do tricks that are not yet shown before. More on that later. And, did you ever see a "robot" that has a hood? All wires, circuits and so on are covered. The idea is to send via infra red signals commands to Conapp. For the moment only the speedcontrol is there. As you can see the motors have a tachogenerator each. That is the best way to build a rotational speed control. In this case the entire control system came from a medical pump. Accuracy from very low to full speed is very good from no load to full load. This is all what is done on the machine and now it is put on Halt. The reason is that the Transputers came in the house. And not only that but A-V suggested to go on with a little car he has experience with. That is what is done. And now going on with MOOF. Here the picture:
At first, MOOF, what do you mean??? It is the name of a so called robot and it means: Moving On The Floor. It will be controlled by a Transputer system via a wireless connection. Once I bought a Lego Mindstorms box for teaching a grandson programming. A kind of car was constructed and that was very useful for teaching purposes. But now for use as a frame of a so called "robot" is was somewhat floppy. In my do it yourself shop they had a very special kind of nuts and bolts that were very useful to give the construction stability, together with M3 screws. Not only that, the axles of the motors were made of steel. And some actions more made a good frame for the so called "Robot". But WHY this ??? Because H-V came with the idea because he has experience with those small units with witch you can make a WiFi connection in two directions. So using this all is the fastest way to get something working. Unfortunately the idea is not finished until now. There are always so many ideas that some of them will probably never finished. When this one will be finished it will all be explained. For now, other things are more urgent.

When there is any news in the field of CONAPP, it will be published here.

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