Who am I? I am somewhat old-fashioned because I cannot say: " Just look at my facebook page". I do not have that because it is just timewasting is my opinion {or for woman as someone told me}. So therefore you can {or have to} read here if you like. There we go: Man,married,three children,more than a handful of grandchildren, living in Rotterdam-Holland. I started my technical life as an electronic instrumentation engineer in a scientific laboratory, working on brain research in dogs. I ended as certified to do analytical measurements on the amount of antibiotics, produced by genetically modified living well known bacteria. In the forty years between I spent my time with electronics, mechanics, physics and chemistry; in general in combination situations. May be none of them at a very high level but always highly interested in what was going on. And always in scientific and industrial laboratories. It is the fascination for technology -when it is working or not!- that made me decide to go on after my retirement. Just only with controllers -PDDP's or programmable digital data processors-, mechanics and electronics and that's enough. My selection was to be busy with processors because they are fascinating for me. And special the Transputers because they are suited to build complete networks and they support concurrency. Now I have my own lab. It is a room in the house where all my apparatus are situated. Where I can work without being disturbed on the workbench and in and on the 19" rack. But there is more. Here in Holland is an amateur group where "robots" are developed. Of all kind and shape, only of the type autonomous and non destructive. All kind of robotic machines are present there, from prefabricated to the home fabricated ones. They meet once a month and they have a competition each year. I am a mender of that group. And there is an amateur group called "Artificial Intelligence". I am a member of that group too. There are good connections between the robot and the AI group. And what did I do with processors until now ? Not so much in the time I had a job. And now the time has come to go on with the noble manual skill of building circuits and mechanics for CONAPP!! And writing the software for it. An other thing I like in life is music. To be more precise, what is called classical music. Being busy with soldering iron, wire or programming it is a pleasure to me to have the CD player on with one of the many fantastic musical compositions certain composers made. At last, when the sun is shining, I like to be there. Back to Mainpage