Some people call them Micro Processors or just: Micro's.
In fact they are processor chips just like the one you have in the computer you are working with now. But they are much less powerful. On the other hand, they have input and output connections so that it is possible to feed signals in and the processor feeds signals out. In this way it is possible to control machines of all kind. And they are everywhere at home, in the kitchen, the joy and entertainment corner, the car and what do you think of your GSM phone. And of course in industry.

I am interested in how they work, how they behave and what is possible with them.

Especially the type "Transputer" because this one is different from all others.
To make it possible to happen something, I constructed a kind of vehicle. There are people who call this a robot and the accompanying science: "Robotics".
I will not use these words because my vehicle has got the name:

This means "Controller Application" and that is what it is.
Just a machine or if you like a mechanical construction or a vehicle to have an application for my controllers.
This is how it looks:
    Why this page?
        In arbitrary sequence:
            To show my computerfriends what I constructed and how I am solving the problems in my way.
            To show my friends and family what I am so busy with.
            To show the rest of the world how you can build a robotic car.

The organization of the site is as follows:
Here are a number of subjects. There you can read what are my results -eh... my triumphs, my disappointments, my ideas and what else.
So a kind of log but only of my technical life.

The latest news
First experience with Transputers There we go ! ! !.

First run of Transputer
Installation of OCCAM This gave some problems.

This is how it looks The beginning is there.

Films of the moving objects Just as in the cinema: Coming soon

Will this all ever be ready?

No, I suppose not. The simple reason is that there is a lot of work to do.
And that knowledge is limited; so is lifetime.
But this all does not hurt at all. The only thing is to be busy with things you are interested in.
So it is not my lifestyle to watch the ducks in the pond; keep your mind active, as long as you can.

Personal info
Who am I and what did I do with processors.

If you like to ask me something, to tell me how things can be done better or show me your results of long and zealous craftsmanship,
please do not hesitate to drop a mail to:
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