Do you want to have a small supercomputer on your desk? Or Do you want to run your software true parallel? Or Do you even want both at the same time? That is very well possible using TRANSPUTERS ! ! And what are those things called Transputers? They are computerchips with remarkable characteristics. They are designed together with their programming language OCCAM with the idea to make it one system. And they are designed to make it possible to work really CONCURRENT. But concurrency has only sense when several tasks really concurrent can run. Therefore you have to run several transputers at the same time, working on the same task. And that is only possible when the transputers know of each other what they are doing. So there are bi-directional signal channels to communicate with each other. They are called LINKS. Each transputer has four. They can be connected to the links of other transputers. The most important fields where transputers can be used are controlling of mechanical constructions, and in scientific or technical problems. That is the reason why they all have a sixty four bit numbercruncher on board. Working with transputers gives a lot of fun for those people who like hardware as well as software. A drawback is that you have to learn the special language OCCAM. And in the hardware are certain things that are different from other processors. But be not afraid, it all is so simple that every one can understand how it all is functioning. Is this all useful for me? Transputers are designed for working really in parallel. Or concurrent is a name for the same. This means that, when you have a problem, you must be able to split it in different parts. These parts are solved by several transputers in the same time. When they are ready, the results are added and ready is the job. So, it should be possible to split the problem. In general, problems in the field of science, technology, simulating and control are suited. But not the programs running on a pc. And Oh ja, programming is much simpler -in general-. There are good reasons why Transputers are not so useful to run as being a "PC". The Transputers are connected by links. Changing the program running on the "PC" makes it necessary to change the connections of the links. This is very impractical so even do not try this. And the program has to be written for a Transputer system. So, why should you use a Transputersystem? Depends on what your interest is. If you like to be busy with chips, this is a new field. If you like to be busy with concurrency, this is the field to explore. Just try to explore these fields and you will have a new hobby. And do not think: "it is all old-fashioned". Realise that all big computer systems use the same way to communicate between the several parts via serial protocols. And one more thing not to think: "It is all so difficult" because really it is not. Indeed, when you have a real problem to solve, take a modern processor system. But for what will the system here presented be used? For controlling "CONAPP" (see there) and in the far future for simulating purposes. Think of simulating ship movements in the port or traffic on roundabouts or on a highway. Now it is possible you are not interested. In that case switch to something else. ============================================================ But it is also possible you got interested. In that case switch to one of the following subjects. However, most of the subjects will be updated from time to time. It is just as in the cinema: Coming Soon. Transputer software The language is OCCAM Learn the language of Transputers. Transputer hardware See the structure of the system For datasheet readers. Status CONAPP This is how it looks The beginning is there. Blogging How it all started And never will be ready.
Why this page? In arbitrary sequence: To show my computerfriends what I constructed and how I am solving the problems in my way. To show my friends and family what I am so busy with. To show the rest of the world how you can be busy with computers in an other way. Will this all ever be ready? No, I suppose not. The simple reason is that there is a lot of work to do. And that knowledge is limited; so is lifetime. But this all does not hurt at all. The only thing is to be busy with things you are interested in. So it is not my lifestyle to watch the ducks in the pond; keep your mind active, as long as you can. If you like to ask me something, to tell me how things can be done better or show me your results of long and zealous craftsmanship, please do not hesitate to drop a mail to: Need help with microcontrollers or transputers? This page was tested with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The use of any less usual browser is at your own risk. Version 28-01-2020